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(Please read this page carefully before consulting this site)


The Virtual Sorrento site has been realized with the maximum care, in the links of the pages and in the selection of the contents. Nevertheless, it is impossible to exclude undesired errors. The Editor, the Webmaster and the Virtual Sorrento Staff, therefore, decline of any responsibility concerning the quality and the exactness of the information available for the consumers in any form. The consumer therefore, accepts to utilize the facts (statistics) and the information offered at his risk.

The contents of the site have been furnished directly by the respective authors who have assured the Editor the exclusiveness. Every page has been in fact signed, and where necessary, has been always mentioned the origin of all the material published.

Whoever should, nevertheless, retain to declare any rights on the information published, should contact directly the author indicated on the page concerned, forwarding also a message to the Editor, for cognizance who will take notice of the objection.

The photographic material published is almost entirely exclusive and has been created on our own (only in some rare occasions pictures on behalf of a third person have been utilized and for which has been requested the authorization) avoiding carefully to violate anybody’s privacy.

So, if anybody retains being pictured unintentionally or retains being damaged in any way by the above mentioned images, he may forward an e-mail to the Editor who will value the cancellation of the undesired material.

It is possible that whoever visits the site (Staff, external collaborators) is personally interested in the subjects dealt with. The consumer should consequently take note of this.

The services on behalf of others, are included and presented in the form simply as an information: this can not be in any way considered approved by the Staff and the Editor of Virtual Sorrento.

It is forbidden to copy or publish, in any form, the material (pictures as well) without a previous authorization granted by the Editor.

It is instead, allowed the print of the pages for personal use and didactic use.


- Advertising services

The management of the Virtual Sorrento website has been entrusted to the Virtual Trends S.r.l. Company (VAT IT04864251212) who will take care of all the commercial matters regarding Virtual Sorrento. All the visitors interested can contact by the above mentioned company concerning any advertising requirements: links, banners, booking on line, insertion of web pages in the directory of the firms, virtual tours, etc...

The Virtual Sorrento Editorial Staff.

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