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The Project– Who We Are

Note of the Editor and Thanks
(Translated by Marianna Mastro)


 The reason for a site of contents

Thanks to the great results achieved with my first site:, a research dedicated to the technical analysis of financial markets, born at the end of the year 1999, I realized that internet explorers seek for the contents in a site.

So here’s how I got the idea to open a site about Sorrento and the Sorrentine Peninsula, with this main purpose, with good legibility and easy navigation, where necessary, also sacrificing the esthetical aspect which would have been surely more interesting but not as functional.

These concepts have been also extended to many of the images which thanks to a good quantity of interactivity, will allow the reader interested in deepening his knowledge, to achieve a sort of virtual tour thanks to which we hope, he will easily (and in the same time) appreciate the beauty of the local sites as well as the artistic heritage our country is rich in.

Almost two sites in one, even if connected by a remarkable interaction: one to "glance" through very easily in relax, the other to "read" and study more completely the various topics.

What is actually in the site is only an initial version, a "sample" (very soon it will be enriched further on) very important changes will be possible in the future without altering the previous main guides expressed.


Our goals

Besides the pleasure in trying to realize something interesting and useful, which is already satisfying and presuming the purpose to promote the active tourism through the utilization of the local resources, other goals of this site can be in this way summed:

  • furnish clear and objective information concerning the economical and social context of the Sorrentine Peninsula occasionally referring to graphics to which is notoriously acknowledged a great communicative capacity;
  • gather in a unique site useful information concerning all the tours of the Sorrentine Peninsula and the neighbouring areas, with considerable vantages for the "navigators" of the "net";
  • offer to the visitors of the "forum" the possibility to express themselves and compare between themselves on themes of common interest;
  • become in the future an important "showcase" reserved to firms and businessmen particularly hard to please.


Our thanks

The realization of this site has been possible thanks to the cooperation offered by some local famous and valid professors very expert and talented in the topic concerning their country of origin of which they are very fascinated.

To these persons I forward a great thanks from the bottom of my heart for having joined me in this project sharing the same enthusiasm contributing with precious and exclusive contents.

I must forward many thanks also thanks to :

-The Tourism Information Office of Sorrento, Sant’Agnello and Vico Equense which kindly furnished useful tourist information and comments concerning the Sorrentine Peninsule;

- The Managers of Mineralogico Campano Museum (Vico Equense) and the Museobottega della tarsia lignea of Alessandro Fiorentino (Sorrento), who kindly allowed the publication of information and images regarding these interesting culture centres.

- Giovanni Visetti (website a very talented excursion guide who authorized the publication of some territorial maps of great naturalistic interest.


The 'Team'

Below is a list including the names of the persons involved in the realization of Virtual Sorrento ( indicating the topic treated:


Argomento trattato
Antonio Caccaviello
History and culture
Salvatore Cangiani
Enrico Cosentino
Gastronomy - Recipes
Lucio Esposito
Arts and Museum
Ezio Falcone
History of food resources of the area
Antonio Fimeroni
Views of the sea depth
Rosario Fiorentino
Giovanni Gugg
Luigi Ioviero
Painting and Sculpure
Marina Limone
Arts and Museum
Marianna Mastro
English Translation
Antonino Miccio
Domenico Mollica
Zootechnics local products
Salvatore Palomba
Nello Pane
Giovanna Ruggiero
Tourist info
Vincenzo Russo
Vincenzo Schisano
Traditions and folkloristic music
Eduardo Scotti
Traditions and folkloristic images


Inventor, coordinator, mind of the project as well as the author of many of the pictures, financial and statistic charts, the animations, the virtual tours, the didactic tricks present on the site, is the undersigned.

Eventual suggestions and observations from the visitors are appreciated.

Thanks for the attention,

Giuseppe Ruggiero